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I don't even get what you're

I don't even get what you're trying to say.

Look, here are the simple facts, if people like you and I are so strong, why do we STILL have so much tyranny in the world in 2014? In the age of the Internet and Twitter? Why did the Arab Spring flop like a pair of nasty old wet socks? Why is Egypt still a wreck? Why is Thailand under military rule? Why are North Koreans so.... so... docile?

Why? I'll tell you, because you can't beat the machine by YOUR morals and principles. They print the money, they own the bombs, and they have the power to stomp you out and ruin your family's life.

You want to change the system? You infiltrate it. You become it, then you bleed it dry from the inside out. This is how all great societies changed. Don't be fooled by your American propaganda text books and movies, the United States was created by a few smart, manipulative, and calculating men... not by some rednecks in coonskin caps.