Comment: Ouch

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Aww how nice of you to so frequently share "what you don't care about, and what you don't care to hear people say, and what you don't give a flying this or that..."

Slow clap.

And should I care? And join your apathy? Should I care about your personal opinion? It seems to be all personal to you. What "you want and care about."

And I AM the narcissist here? YOU have made this all about you. And saying "I came here to get you."

I don't know you from Adam. Your name could be Shirley. I am sharing arguments. Not attacks. These are arguments. You can address the arguments.

But you address your defensiveness, your personal emotion feeling of being attacked when people discuss simple philosophy, your personal feeling of defensiveness and discomfort when people openly discuss principles THAT YOU DISAGREE WITH.

And you attack the whole discussion, and say, discussion is rude, you are just rude.

Hey you don't have to read, don't have to reply. Nobody is forcing you here.

I am not complaining that "these people need to leave."

And my arguments have not been addressed. None of the philosophy has even been discussed. Just personal lashing out.