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I will attempt to.....

Reiterate however.

Here I lay in critical care from a heart attack. The stress of a st!t-storm brought me to this point. The works of great people from all walks of life saved mine. In the ambulance I prayed the whole hour ride to the hospital. Dead for so long they feared I would have permanent brain damage. After seven attempts to revive me success against all odds, meanwhile friends and family prayed. I survived the "widow-maker".

I had transformed the night I awoke in the ICU. I reflected on my life. You see, I was never a very religious person. I never really tried walking in faith. Maybe it was brain washing as a young boy or maybe it's in my DNA, but my first instinct was to pray to God and Jesus as my chest pain built on that ambulance ride. Maybe I'm a fool. But after that, I look at life differently. I was thankful for every moment of pain and suffering, every moment reminded me that I am alive and will see more days. My family gathered. More prayers, old wounds healed, old hatchets buried.

Before I met sh!t with sh!t. I didn't take it without giving it back. Now, everyone is my brother, my sister, faith or lack there of be damned! I love everyone now and treat them accordingly.

The miracle: when the sh!t was flying, all there was was a sh!t-storm. When you put your love out there, THAT is what rains down. The question: how does that fit in to Darwin's teachings?