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Comment: Good for Jane

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Good for Jane

I lived in NH for quite a while and liked (most of) the people. They are fiercely independent. It may still be true that there is no state sales tax, nor state income tax. The New Hampshire folks just do NOT like taxes. At all.

So that might be a good sign to make: Like Taxes?

As we know, Ron Paul is the only candidate who would seek to abolish the IRS. That would make the people of NH pretty darn thrilled. Dr. Paul also seeks to preserve the 2nd amendment, and NH has probably more gun owners per capita that most of the other states. A friend of mine, way up in Colebrook, has about a dozen firearms.

So another good sign might be: Want to have your guns taken?

(The above signs probably won't work in Portsmouth, Peterborough or Amherst, but just about everywhere else I bet.)

See if you can convince Fritz to help. You probably know who he is.