Comment: A Foriegn Policy of Freedom

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A Foriegn Policy of Freedom

I highly recommend this book to all Ron Paul supporters and those interested in finding out who this man is. What you will find is a man who does not flip flop. His positions do not change because the constitution does not change. When we send our politicians to Washington what we should be demanding is that they follow the constitution, not listen to special interests. Promoting the general welfare not the "specific" welfare is what the constitution demands. We should demand no less as it is the contract between the government and the people. Lobbyists do not even venture near Dr. Pauls office as they know it is a waste of their time. Finally you will find that Dr. Paul's vision is so clear that he almost seems like a prophet. In reality he mearly warns of the dangers in not following our constition in all areas. We are reaping what we have sown in our finances, our foriegn policy, in medical and social issues, defense issues, justice and legal issues and more, and the Dr. has been warning us for a long time.

The good news is that many are now listening. Americans seem ready to hear the message and make the changes necessary to restore our great nation.