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Comment: YES Please bring this to the attention of your Library! IT WORKS

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YES Please bring this to the attention of your Library! IT WORKS

I did so at my local county library, and I know for a fact that they ordered Ron Paul's book last week!

What Gwen said is exactly right, libraries are FAR more likely to buy a book you recommend if you tell them it is on a best seller's list.

If your library doesn't have an online recommendation form on their web site (a lot still don't), then please write a short note and hand-deliver it to the "highest-ranking" librarian you can get a hold of when you go in. (And include the book's ISBN number.)

As a former librarian, I'd suggest something like this:
Please bring the following book to the attention of whomever is in charge of materials acquisition. I searched your library's card catalog, but it appears you do not yet have a copy.

This book is rising up the bestseller charts. For instance, at, it broke the top 100. It is #1 in Books > Nonfiction > Government, and is #2 in Books > Business & Investing > Economics > Economic Policy & Development.

I would certainly be interested in checking it out, and I know of others that will also.

Here's the information:

A Foreign Policy of Freedom: Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship
# ISBN-10: 0912453001
# ISBN-13: 978-0912453002

Thank you!