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Comment: To maximize savings

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To maximize savings

Here's my advice [[As I wrote this, Amazon has just ran out of copies, so this may not apply until Amazon orders more, which will have "FREE Super Saver Shipping"]]

1. Buy two copies, because two copies is $28.00 free shipping (takes about 1.5-2 weeks, but money is money)

2. Obviously, use the link from this site so a portion of the sale goes to this site.

3. Those who would like, or likely to shop Amazon again this Thanksgiving & Christmas season, feel free to e-mail me, my company sells Amazon & Borders gift cards for 15% off. That means you can buy Dr. Paul's book for less than $25.00. I've helped Randy @, I've helped in my Meetup group, I can help here too.

e-mail me if you want a discounted Amazon e-certificate