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Crazy Like A Fox

Over the last few days I have had to encourage my family and meet-up members telling them don't worry Ron Paul knows what he is doing. If he is being a little cloak and dagger it is because he is laying back so his adversaries won't attack. What is it they tell you to do if a bear 10 times your size dead. The bear will think it has won and go away. Ron Paul is crazy like a fox, if the media and other candidates do not preceive him as a threat he is free to campaign behind the scenes unimpeded. He is also not stupidly handing out his strategy of attack like Obama who announces when and how he will attack and attempt to defeat Hillary. Does a good chess player tell his opponent the moves he intends to make? NO WAY! Ron is trusting his loyal supporters to keep working and not get downtrodden by this low key approach. Let's face it, it is public knowledge that McCain is facing a serious FEC problem that will NOT go away...and when that blows up on Insane McCain there is one guy left...OUR GUY. We are going to outflank this looney tune at the convention! Plus, if Dr. Paul continues to say "my supporters demand my presence in this race" it is the only thing that will scare the Republicans....because Ron Paul alone does not scare them, IT IS THE MILLIONS BEHIND HIM THAT HAVE THEM QUAKING IN THEIR BOOTS! Why? Because we can't be knocked out of any race, we are here to stay....and sooner or later they will have to acknowledge this, but like most sore losers they will not concede defeat easily. So just dig in your heals and make those punks drag us kicking and screaming all the way through this primary! And at the end of that they may reconsider whether or not they CAN ignore us!

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