Comment: I'm totally confused

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I'm totally confused

I tivo'd Lou Dobb's Friday night show and just now watched it. According to the lady that stood in for Lou Dobbs, she said that the Ron Paul campaign stated that Ron Paul was stepping down from the race for President due to low voter turnout for him and also that he ranked 4th of Republican candidates as far as delegates. They had a clip showing Dr Paul while she was talking about him stepping down.

Now, she said that "the Campaign" is quoted as saying that RP is dropping out. IF this is not true then why in the heck isn't someone from Dr Paul's campaign headquarters calling Lou Dobbs up and raising hell for lies and misinformation?? If people don't come to this website, they will think that Dr Paul is out of the race and will not even bother to vote for him in the remaining primaries, become district leaders, delegates, contribute etc.

Lou Dobbs show has millions of viewers and if Dr Paul is NOT dropping out of the race then Campaign Headquarters needs to get off of their butts and publicly dispute what Lou Dobbs show said on RP's website and on the air. Someone needs to get some backbone and clarify what is going on because the last video Dr Paul did was very ambigious and should be clarified by him and to what his motives are. Nice guys finish last and his opponents are ruthless and will jump on any confusion to their advantage.

Quite honestly, I am disappointed and disheartened about how this is being handled. Dr Paul has millions of people who support him who are scared to death that he will not win the nomination and these supporters need direction, clarification and facts as to what Dr Paul wants us to do. We need to hear it from him, not the media, not campaign headquarters and not his relatives.