Comment: Who needs the approval of Republicans?

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Who needs the approval of Republicans?

I figured out on Super Tuesday 1 that Ron Paul wasn't running for the Republican nomination; he is running for president. I'm counting on him not to get the Republican nomination, which is the kiss of death this year. I'm counting on a McCain/Obama/Nader/Paul contest.

We don't need no stinkin' nomination. We don't even need his name on the ballot. This is the year of the write-in protest vote. Ron Paul is easy to spell and remember.

There are so many things to protest, most of all the choices presented to us by the major parties, and the idea that those parties choose our candidates. 40% of the electorate are disenfranchised independents. And those are just the currently registered voters. Energize the apathetic, and you have a majority, not just a plurality.

Ron Paul hasn't been running on his own power; we have carried him this far on our shoulders. We can carry him the rest of the way into the White House, even if he isn't running. Do you see yourself voting for anyone else?

Even if we don't make it, if we force write-in vote counts throughout the nation from sheer numbers, it will drive a stake through the heart of the party system.

Live free, and prosper.


Currently writing at and Jefferson Exchange Forum,

Currently writing at and Jefferson Exchange Forum,