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My humble opinion

If Ron Paul was "secretly" trying to throw off MSN and the rest of the media then why did he do that very ambigious video about not being able to win the nomination but continuing the Revolution. Clever as a fox? like some of you are saying? Please, do you really think that this is a secret site and not one else knows what you are saying? Nothing is secret on the internet.

To me, Dr Paul is saying that he can not secure the Presidency for whatever reason (the media, the elite doing whatever they can to discredit him etc) You can pick whatever reason or theory you want but the truth is in my mind equals....Dr Paul knows he won't win (sorry to upset the diehards that will not let go but believing he will win will cost us the revolution and is putting all you eggs in one basket).

What I think Dr Paul is saying is he has started something that is waking up America as to what our government is doing and he is also educating us as to what we need to do at the same time. I have learned more about our government and our economy in the last 8 months than in my entire lifetime.

Our government, the globalists, elite, the UN, CFR and every other organization in the world could care less about the poor and the middleclass in America or in any other country in the world. These elitists OWN us and control everything that happens to us. I believe that Dr Paul has accomplished more than he could becoming the President. He has educated us, made us aware of what is happening and what to do.

A President only has so much authority BUT Congress is the key. I'm going to continue to support Dr Paul campaign until the last dying breath BUT now I am going to start looking very closely at Congressional, State and local candidates running for office. I will do what I can to help candidates that are Ron Paul like-minded win their campaign. This is what I feel we need to do. We are already seeing Ron Paul supporters that are seriously considering running for office. Also, Dr Paul has been guiding us as to what candidates he supports and endorses. Getting these individuals will change our government to look at things the way that they should have in the beginning.

Dr Paul is a mentor and is the core of the Revolution but we are the only ones that can change our government and our future. He is one man, we are millions. God Bless Ron Paul because he is our light to freedom.