Comment: naysayers meet me in Minnesota Sept 1st.

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naysayers meet me in Minnesota Sept 1st.

clearly "victory in the conventional political sense is no longer available" means that whatever it is that we win will have to be won in an unconventional way. thats all he said- and followed with "get as many delegates as possible."

lots of delegates were elected to District/State conventions here in NC. not a majority, but i bet a higher % of ours stay involved since our candidate hasnt 'already won' as mcain has, and Congressman Paul's message has more value.

naysayers and resilient supporters alike, become a delegate and meet me at National Convention. see you in 5 months. lets finish what we started, regardless of any so called 'chances'. It aint over till Congressman Paul concedes or someone gets 1191 votes on the floor of the national convention..