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Excellent formulation

Rand. It is very clear and inspiring to all Ron Paul supporters, as well as potential one's.
I just heard on CNN (international version) some interviews with people on the street about who they think will win the election etc. and the last guy - young, perhaps a student - said clearly Ron paul. The reporter was very surprised and asked him how is that going to be possible. The guy had a great answer, and smiling and with confidence said, he (Ron Paul) is like a ninja and will "sneak" in. The news announcer did repeat the catching Ron Paul as ninja then. SOmeone can get a recording of this and post it on youtube??

It would be a good idea if Rand Paul can run for a congress seat in Kentucky? I think/read before he is interested, but he had to persuade his wife. I also read his brother - who is in Texas, same district as his father I think - Robert is also considering. This would also be a good idea, if there is a position in Texas where he has a good chance. Otherwise, - in case Ron Paul does not get the nomination, Ron Paul can ran for senator or governor somewhere and Robert Paul can take over his father's district?