Comment: You Say You Want a REVOLUTION!

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You Say You Want a REVOLUTION!

HUNTARK Some may say that Ron Paul has run the "Good Fight" for the Republican nomination,and now is the time to rally behind the "Party".But,I ask what is a "Good Fight" when the very survival of our country is at stake? I have talked up Ron to anyone who would listen for a very long time,handed out cards,gladly displayed yard signage,voted for him in Our primary. I would like to know when do You quit the fight ,when Your in a fight to the "Death".We have endured 20 YEARS of Bush/Clinton/Bush now Mccain has said He will continue the Bush plan foriegn and domestic should He be elected! I think We all know what to expect from Hillary or Obama. This 2008 election is the last stand for Our Country and its Citizens,if We don't win here the NAU will,and the "Great Experiment" will be relagated to the Dust Bin of History.At 53 this not so much about Me,as my children and grandchildren. Ron Paul is and has been the Last Hope for US.When does a fight to the death end?It has been said "The tree of Liberty must be Watered with the Blood of Patriots and Tyrants" this time is fast approaching.I think Dr.Paul must reconsider an Independant run if the Country is to SURVIVE!