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"A 100% reserve gold standard has never, in fact, existed in the United States."

EXACTLY RIGHT (I need to meet you in person & buy you a good beer for saying that!!). It is important for people to remember that governments, especially big ones but even small ones like America used to have when we had a SOMEWHAT-honest for a while "gold standard," are NOT properly suited to the honest issuance of money.

Why? They get pulled in too-many directions in what should be a very singleminded business. Because governments are suited to the application of force and settling disputes ONLY, and money issuance is a very dangerous business morally. It is therefore best suited to the already flourishing market in privately issued currency alternatives which have naturally sprung-up on the 'net. Big government right now is trying to get away with

wholesale jury manipulation in the e-gold attack, by attempting to take credit for e-gold's excellent work against criminals (which is a bit inconvenient for their bogus-ass case against the company). The good news is, the news media outside the somewhat obscure Informationweek blog above might be about to take notice of the scandal. If so, i'll keep y'all informed, but the thing to remember is that government is NOT "good at money." The analogy to draw is the USPS and FedEx/UPS. If you're old like me, was your stuff-sending experience better or worse before the postal monopoly had that competition? Think about it, and the same will be true for dollars as the rest of the planet (esp. China) slowly begins to understand the Federal Reserve's unsustainable scam.

It's just vitally important that Dr. Paul keep talking SIMPLY as he has about this issue, because people are finally getting it, which is amazing me. Oh, and I'm not a financial professional so you should take this non-advice with a shaker of salt, but....Go buy silver US coins (the post WW1 "Peace Dollar" is especially beautiful and appropriate!) & "junk" bullion from a reputable dealer like Liberty Coin Service in Frandor Michigan (I like them but I am not connected with them, and again I *am* connected with e-gold, and for the fullest of full disclosure, I love Bernard Von Nothaus like a brother and I think he's absolutely hilarious & his Liberties are beautiful!).