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Ron on CNN This Morning

Ron on CNN This Morning (3/10/08) and a Comment
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From: Steve Gresh--Ron Paul Delegate
Date: Mar 10, 2008 12:25 PM

I think Ron Paul is downplaying his chances of receiving the Republican nomination for one reason. If McCain and the GOP establishment had any idea about how many thousands of RP supporters are working their way through the process towards becoming delegates, the opposition would increase its efforts significantly to prevent that from happening. The result would be fewer delegates for RP at the national convention.

I admit that I was ticked off about what Jesse Benton told CNN last Thursday. However, I now realize that Dr. Paul is not only the champion of the Constitution and liberty, but he's also a brilliant strategist. He truly is the general leading our revolution. If every RP supporter stays focused on the objective of winning delegates for him, he will win!

Steve Gresh