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thanks for the intro into

thanks for the intro into e-gold. I've been looking at investing into gold, and that is a much more liquid way of holding gold. Although I would prefer the company wasn't based in the US for obvious reasons. The liberty dollar is interesting, but I don't want to pay such a premium for the coin vs the price of gold.

I've been watching the money masters video, i'm about 1/3 the way through (slow internet) and so far they seem to be making a case obviously against the fed, but FOR fiat money, just not private bank control of the money. I will watch more and see where it leads, but so far it hasn't been advocating the gold standard. I know the push for commodity backed money is to pin the value to something real and keep the government honest, but I'm seeing the fed as the real evil here that needs to be destroyed.

Maybe instead of advocating for commodity backed money (returning to the gold standard as its reported) the real push should be disolving the fed and taking back the power to print money. What the money is backed with is secondary to that point. That way we could bring to light the problems with the fed instead of discussing whether or not the gold standard is a good idea...