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Ideally, government should

Ideally, government should only have a role as a neutral (for a change...) referee in disputes, and money should be issued privately. Then various issuers can compete in a money marketplace and the preferences of everyone can sort it out. The government can not be trusted to issue money because the temptation to do what they've done right now is simply too great.

As it turns out, despite my personal preference for silver & gold backed "real" currencies, the simple fact online is that various completely-unbacked (in a traditional sense) currencies are now incredibly popular. Sony's "Everquest" game, for example, has a huge internal economy, and for years Sony tried very hard to keep it separate from the outside economy, since virtual items within the game are in high demand among those who play. They finally gave-up and now people just sell virtual items. A totally-unbacked Chinese cellphone-related currency also became very popular because it was very easy to use.

The control freak lobby is trying to totally-control all money and all transactions. The Bible warns us what'll happens when they get away with it, and that's part of why this fight is very important -- we're fighting against pure evil.