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I believe

I believe that Congress could mint a coin, denominated 9 trillion bucks or whatever, and hand it to the fed as settlement. It would be worth as much as the Feds FRN's are so they should be 'happy'.

Someone responded below that Congress could print notes like the Fed which is technically correct. JFK signed Executive Order 11110 that authorized the "United States Note" which was exactly like the FRN but WITHOUT the debt (interest) load. He's (JFK) looking at the root side of the grass in Arlington Cemetery instead of the top today as a result. The assassination in Dallas was only a few weeks after he enacted the order. The order has not been repealed as of today which means the chimp could start printing them tomorrow. However, I am sure his masters are telling him he does not want to do that.

Dr. Paul introduced legislation to legalize "competing currencies" such as the Liberty Dollar and others. I am wondering if the USN's would qualify?

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~ Peter Marshall, US Senate Chaplain 1947