Comment: Do we want to protect the Federal Reserve dollar or not?

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Do we want to protect the Federal Reserve dollar or not?

I made the suggestion that perhaps the U.S. government should tax dollars traded between nations other than the U.S. I realise this is not possible. But it was a good mental exercise. My question now is; do we want the Federal Reserve Note to survive or not? It appears as if some want it both ways. I see dollars that are held in reserve in other countries as worthless to the American economy. So why should we support them. We admit that they are worthless, the Chinese know that they are worthless, in fact every nation knows that they are worthless, and not back by anything. So why should we protect or allow our government to protect the Federal Reserve dollar? They have been scammed just as we have been scammed. Are we the American taxpayers suppose to pay for this one too. We are protecting petroleum in the Middle East so that China can purchase it with the Federal Reserve dollar. This is driving up the price for us, and causing working people to pay for the irresponsible acts of the Federal Reserve. I say let the dollar fall.