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Right on!!!

The famous Michigan black doctor's case come to mind. Yup, the true origins of gun control, dates back to post Civil War era, where the Southerners feared a slave revolt. Absolutely correct TodaysTomSawyer.

Look for an awesome documentary called "In Search of Second Amendment." Very informative. Tracks back gun rights back to merry old England to English Bill of Rights and BlackStone's Law. TO think that back in the Founders' days, the most widely read book, second only to the Bible was BlackStone's law. Now we have self-proclaimed experts who are nothing more than the State indoctrinated double-speak professionals who take advantage of AmericanIdol watching sheeple and milk them out of their hard earned FedResNotes for their services. That is the very cost of our ignorance: liberty, rights, freedoms, and our money.

And as many of you know by now, the NRA was actually created by the Feds as an organ of the State to push for gun control. Just look act recent DC vs. Heller. The Simian's Admin actually sided with the District of Columbia's tyrannical ban. Not to be outdone, the NRA pulled their own shenanigans to have their lawyer added to the defense team, while delaying the hearing for months.

I've listened to the oral arguments LIVE on C-Span radio that day. And at every turn, Heller's own lawyer called for "reasonable regulation." And called polymer guns like Glocks, as "plastic guns" that don't show up on X-ray machines. This is the oldest lie the likes of Brady Center has used time and time again. This is perhaps one of the most well known gun-control fallacies known to NRA members themselves. Yet, the NRA backed lawyer for Mr. Heller called it just that. I wonder if these people realize the barrels, the striker/hammer, springs are ALL made of METAL!!!

They'll spin it like a win. While I do feel that by June when the SCOTUS finally decide, they will determine, once and for all, that 2nd amnd is an individual right. But they'll spin it with a heavy regulatory caveat. Though, to determine the limits of what the govt can do to limit will be determined by other 2nd amnd lawsuits. Stay vigilant of traditionally hostile States to the 2nd amnd, like NY and NJ. They'll go for broke.

Want real Second Amendment advocacy? Join Gun Owners of America!!!

Down with the NRA, and the BATFE!!!

Vigilance, Ron Paul RƎVO⅃UTIONaries!!!


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