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Comment: I downloaded a couple

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I downloaded a couple

I downloaded a couple documentaries on a guy that built a series of self regulating commercial fish ponds on a mountain in Austria. I haven't uploaded them to Google video yet, but that will be done when I finish my permaculture report.

Jump on BitTorrent (I used mininova as a search engine) and download:
Farming with Nature - A Case Study of Successful Temperate Permaculture.avi
Permaculture - Sepp Holzer - Aquaculture - Synergy of Land and Water.avi

They both are about the same farm and are relatively short. One of the cool things he did was to place rocks, pulled out tree roots and intentional shallow areas in the pond system. The rocks collect heat and warm the water. The tree roots and shallow areas give feeder fish and frogs a safe place to breed. Its actually a very cool system since it doesn't require any significant upkeep and produces well.

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