Comment: Remember Lincoln...

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Remember Lincoln...

..only had 22 Delegates....RP has more.

Anyone who advocates a 3rd party run now does not understand how the Delegate process works. No I am sorry, until after the Convention the 3rd party card is moot. As far as I can tell, the current state of our economy is the best FREE advertising RP ever had, not that it is really free, since we ALL are paying for it.

If you have Primaries and Caucus' coming up, then please participate and vote for Ron Paul.

States that have both primaries and Caucus' may not have RP as a choice at the Caucus--MA only has Romney and McCain whom the delegates must pledge to--THAT BEING SAID, if McCain does not get the required 1100+ votes needed on the 1st Draw, the Delegates can vote for WHOMEVER they want---That is how Lincoln did it. RP folks trying to be Delegates KNOW this. That is why there is a Convention--would not need one if the nominee was decided by the so-called "Popular Vote."

If McCain truly has the Populous vote, then he should win on the 1st draw, but if he does not, MARK MY WORDS....he will NOT get the Nomination.