Comment: Can someone explain again...

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Can someone explain again...

I've seen all sorts of Ron Paul posters going up in PA before the republican primary. I've gotten pleas for money as recently as this morning via email. You've got money bombs. You've got the "nuts" that still think there is some secret Abe Lincolnesce way for Dr. Paul to win the Republican nomination. I thought a candidate just needed 1191 delegates to wrap it up? McCain has 1260 according to:

And even if he didn't have it locked up, Romney is listed with 272, Huckabee with 270, and Dr. Paul a pathetic 14. At what point do you decide its a waste of time and money to continue a lost campaign? OK, maybe McCain has a heart attack or something - so what, Romney would be back in the race quicker than you can say lickety split - Ron Paul has no chance. 3rd party? Get real, if he could only get 14 delegates do you think he can win as a 3rd party? What is up with all the silly Ron Paul supporters? Don't get me wrong, I'm a Ron Paul supporter myself, and I'll vote for him in the primary, but its just because there is no better choice and its a statement from principle.

If you want to talk about 3rd party runs, you need to find a candidate with a LOT of name/face recognition, probably an actor, that agrees with the Ron Paul platform. I don't know if any such potential candidate exists. But its the only hope for victory.