Comment: Slow Train Coming-Delegates are like Glenn Beck!

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Slow Train Coming-Delegates are like Glenn Beck!

Glenn Beck is a lot like the average delegate. It has taken him a while to awaken to the fact the old fashion Ron Paul is "right on" in what he's been saying, and saying for years, making him all that more credible. The GOP Establishment would like for everyone to think this is a done deal already. That's why they're rushing the agenda to begin raising money on behalf of McCain. What if hundreds and hundreds of delegates were like Glenn Beck, and after some real thinking, decided to abandon McCain for a sound tactician like Ron Paul? Notice that we're not talking about thousands and thousands of delegates, only a tiny number. But, are these delegates so strong armed by the GOP that they won't entertain the possibility? I sure like the idea of producing a quality DVD of the Ron Paul messege and going directly at the delegates. There are less than 2000 people to target, and if nothing else, the effort will draw more attention to the messege of Ron Paul. Forget the masses of public for now, we really don't matter at the moment.

alan laney