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The World is Watching


I am a Canadian in Vancouver, Canada and have been watching intently since your Grandfather announced he was running back in January. At the time, i really HOPED he may win, but now I BELIEVE he can.
Just knowing that his family is behind him, and indeed willing to go door-to-door for him is heartening in and of itself.

There is a great Picture of a fellow that states "Ron Paul Cured my Apathy" and that fits me to a tee. I have had others in Canada tell me that having seen our Meetup Group + having events has inspired them to do something as well.

There are alot of American living here in Vancouver and many keep asking us what we are doing campaigning for the USA here in Canada, but we simply tell them that what happens in the US is very important to us Canadians, whether it be the war in afghanistan + Iraq(where our troops are) or that much of our trade and livelihood is interconnected with the US. Our economies are entertwined in almost every sector. Having spoken with many, and perhaps because they were outside of the country we have had many candid conversation, and many people are deeply worried about the direction that the USA is headed.

Anyways, things are only growing, and not only are more and more americans waking up to this, but those of us outside the US as well. The sky is the limit as far as I am concerneD!

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