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Comment: Here in NH..

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Here in NH..

No one is making fun of us...

Please read this article "Principals And Hope" from one of NH's seasoned political figures. While it's not an endorsement, it means a lot.

Also please go to blognetnews and rate and gray button on top of the first page in the blog.

On Hume's program on FOX just now they are all abuzz about John McCain taking NH. Oh brother are they going to be disappointed! Someone, not sure who, said RON PAUL MADE $4.3M in ONE DAY and they talked over him.

Of course one of the talking heads is a premiere neocon ..

They wondered, how does Rudy get such polling numbers without one tv ad? Well perhaps it's because he gets all the FREE publicity when FOX does interviews to try to make him look like he's got family support? D'uh.

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