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Where Were You When the Counter Hit Six Million?

I'd just like to back up Fabio's comment, from Europe4ronpaul. It's crucial for North America that Ron Paul wins the American presidency. But it's even more essential for the rest of the world. I have every finger and every toe crossed over here in England that he can fulfil the dream and win. Although I must say, following yesterday's amazing events that brought the dream in from the mists of hope and into the realistic realms of genuine possibility, that I'm starting to get incredibly nervous over here! :-)

The easy part will be beating that socialist wretch, Clinton, in the General Election, and I'm not in the slightest concerned that he won't wipe this power-crazed harpie completely off the map. The hard part is going to be getting the republican nomination in the face of all those rigged ballots, the hysterical neocon GOP machine, and your friends in the parasitical MSM.

So I'd like to wish everyone in the Ron Paul campaign the best of luck over there in the land from sea to shining sea, because after yesterday you must get your man over the line and win against the walking dead of Benito, Suit, and McCain, before the tension kills me! ;-)

Dr. Paul really is the last best hope for civilisation, in the face of an oncoming dark age of one world government. Go Ron, go!