Comment: Thank GOD!!

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Thank GOD!!

Thank God for Peter!! Though, I always squirm when I see him on Fake News surrounded by bunch of morons; it's like watching Einstein talking to bunch of chimps. While he may be a class act, watching him not defend himself more vociferously against such mindless drones, is painful. Though someone of his intellect and stature would consider arguing with bunch of 5yr olds moot.

And if you had a chance to catch him on another Murder-doch's new propaganda channel, what passes for "business news," 2 sec. in, anyone with a working noggins would recognize that none of those bobbleheads have the tiniest bit of clue about what the hell they are talking about. They barely know what PE ratio is. Let alone know how to read off an already scripted teleprompter. None of those monkeys have a biz degree, own a biz, run or ran a biz, let alone invest. It'll be like taking an investment advice from a zookeeper's secretary, no offense to secretaries. Painful, painful, to watch.

Frankly anytime I have the unfortunate happenstance of catching anything Murder-doch, makes me wish I still had my old tv. so I can throw something at it, without worrying about breaking it.

Gigantic THANK YOU to those who were able to participate, and or spread the word on Nov. 5th moneybomb!! YOU MADE IT HAPPEN. YOU MADE, PARTICIPATED IN HISTORY!!!!

$138 Million, one can only hope!

PRESIDENT RON PAUL- Jan 20, 2009 - Jan 20, 2017!!!!!!!!!!