Comment: i dont think its reasonable

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i dont think its reasonable

what if the rule was any candidate with less than 5 million in the campaign bank? how would that fly huh?huckabee gone, mccain gone, tancredo gone, hunter gone, thompson? this is a blatent attack on ron paul and thats a fact. the des moines register is a rag and they know it.very rarely do they print anything positive on ron paul.its very obvious they are romney lovers.they would love to not see ron paul there.they could care less about tacredo or hunter not being there, the main focus is to not let ron paul in period! if he made 5% they would try to up it to 6%. face it, they did it once in des moines iowa and theyr'e doing it again. the iowa campaign, Drew Ivers,Jesse Benton and Ron Paul himself should be on the phone with the Iowa GOP and giving them an earfull and if he doesnt get to be in the debates he should be writing to every single paper and local news editor in iowa to voice this outrage to the public! this is bullshit!