Comment: Letter I sent to Kristen Keener after reading this article.

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Letter I sent to Kristen Keener after reading this article.

Kristen Keener, it continually astounds me to the lack of knowledge considering our political process. I will quote you on the article concerning todays event.
Do not take this as a personal attack,it is not . The true delegate count is being somewhat hidden from the American people.
"Despite Senator John McCain having clinched the Republican nomination, Paul says he will continue his presidential bid to promote his issues."

Well until the National GOP Convention in September John McCain hasn't "clinched" anything. Delegates still have to cast their votes and until that happens nothing is cast in stone. For a clearer delegate count see: Look at the last column to the right for McCains's total.The "hard delegates are the one's McCain thinks he has but in actuality most are probably "stealth Ron Paul supporters".He does no have the 1191 needed at this point to secure the nomination and thats why they vote at the convention.

I will make a prediction at this point. On the third day of the convention there will be a call for a "vote of no confidence in John McCain" according to Robert's rules of order and if that passes there will be a motion to unbind the delegates. If that passes a motion to nominate Ron Paul will be made. If you look back into our history Abraham Lincoln went to the convention with no delegates, secured the nomination and won the election.

The only other thing I can find questionable is your 5% polls comment. From Pauls website

Other than that it was basically an outstanding article considering his past treatment by the mainstream media.

Thank You