Comment: Well... we hear another ill

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Well... we hear another ill

Well... we hear another ill thought out news article, referring to Dr. Paul as the Libertarian he is not! This is detrimental to his campaign which is about true Republican Taft wing principles, about truth, about sound Constitutional Republics and the limited but duty bound elected servants, in other words, about all that is sound foundational thinking. This is unlike much that libertarians espouse, and he is very unlike the virtual government-free society based upon amoral principles.
Dr. Paul has soundly spoken and acted in a manner which some libertarians eschew, preferring an existential form of chaos, rather than a Biblical common law, or representative constitutional form of government. As such, all should be forewarned that the so called Libertarian magazine now boasts some of the neocon's finest minds, finding in their organ a useful tool to help demean Dr. Paul in the eyes of the general electorate, who are ill prepared for differentiating. They are easily swayed into animosity towards those espousing 'less' or 'no' government under the guise of liberty and freedom, and therefore find fault with Dr. Paul.
Further, reference to polls of 5%, which have been notoriously falsified, or inaccurate, or biased, while being all over the map on numbers, controlled by the pollsters; then giving one number of 5% when the numbers have been much higher, unless one wishes to be aligned to only one of the deceiver pollsters, is as misleading as the original pollsters themselves, and discourages the electorate.
Further, references to McCain having "clinched" the presidential bid, reveals either an appalling ignorance of current events and delegate process in the nomination, or another disingenuous deception to discourage the electorate from this process. In either case it appears we have heard this propaganda enough in this forum for one election cycle, and would encourage the writer to learn the process, or desist from attempts to knock the foundations from under progress towards truth and freedom.

"Suspicion is a Virtue, if in the interests of the good of the people." Patrick Henry

"We are not weak if we make a proper use of those means which the God of Nature has placed in our power... the battle, sir, is not to the strong alone ..."