Comment: The best thing was I got a legible autograph

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The best thing was I got a legible autograph

The best thing was I got a legible autograph. Dr. Paul signed my Pocket Constitution at the Philadelphia rally last November, but it was just squiggly lines due to his being mobbed like a rock star.

The vibe was more low key than that Philly rally, probably due to being indoors. Philly was awesome, with 5000+ people, Gadsden and US flags flying in the wind, veterans, V costumes, and a girl dressed as the Statue of Liberty.

The speech was standard Ron Paul: bring the troops home, stop foreign spending, sound money, etc.

Afterward was a student Q & A. Honestly, some of them seemed to be typical snotty rich kids. Before the event started, I heard a girl tell her friends, as they went into a reserved (not for them) section “It’s OK, we pay $42,000 a year here”.

Several of the questioners took exception with RP’s positions on abortion and Federal involvement in education. Of course he answered them perfectly.

I left before it was over to get in line for the book signing. I had heard that he would do 450, and there were at least 700 in attendance. I was about 50th in line. There was an announcement that only 2 more questions would be taken, and at that point the lobby was overwhelmed. I don’t think the staff was prepared for that, as they had trouble directing people to get lined up. Yay for me for getting out early :)

I met some very nice people (Hi Anna!) and got my signed book, so it was well worth the hour drive.

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-Ron Paul