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Comment: Its been told,

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Its been told,

It goes way back in time, if you have not seen "The Money Masters" go to this link >
I believe WAMU is on the ropes now? I thought I read that they needed some cash infusion recently. We know the banks are hurting, I can't explain it nearly as well as the movie. A great book that explains this as well is "The Creature from Jekyll Island" go to this link >
The banks don't have to possess all deposits, they are to busy makeing loans to earn interest to make money for themselves off our money. That post about not able to cash a $1200 paycheck... now that sad. I've been through the same thing and was told to give them a two days notice. The person that got there late, was just that late. They gave out thier cash all day long and they hold small reserves. Its a said state of affairs, Down with the "FED" (Onward) and thanks for the post...

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