Comment: WTF???

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WTF? is Schiff talking about when he says:

"While many on the left have criticized the economy, they have mainly done so for the wrong reasons and their “solutions” will only make the situation worse. Fortunately we have the power to stop them and we cannot let the opportunity to do so pass us by."


Schiff is an idiot if he thinks the "Left" (outdated and meaningless term that it is) got us all into this economic morass. Does he really NOT understand that it is much of the left that is giving Ron Paul the support he's getting?

Don't blame the Left for this one Schiff, blame the bloodthirsty elites on Wall Street (Left, Right, I don't care) and that rightwinger Alan Greenspend for the disaster we're in. Now's NOT the time to be creatng illogical division within the ranks of Ron Paul supporters. GOT IT?