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local activism

>>The silver bullet is precinct captain.

>>Start there and then move up to city council ...

Now that I am on town council, I can say from first-hand experience that "Show up at council meetings ..." works!

Typically, any resident can put an item on the agenda by submitting it to the town manager/secretary a few days before the meeting.
1) Submit an item
2) present your information
3) ask that council consider taking an action.

For example, if you want paper ballots with a hand count, then submit "voting accuracy" as an item, present some facts of proven past fraud and unreliable electronic voting machines, and ask council to consider a resolution that calls for auditable paper ballots with a hand count. (Don't be demanding, simply present facts and ask them to consider the issue.)
This will raise awareness of the issue and the issue will then be a part of the permanent record of the council meetings.