Comment: Check out these heirloom determinates...

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Check out these heirloom determinates...

All of the following (plus more) are from :

#151 - ACE 83 days - Originally introduced by the Campbell Soup Company in 1953, the large vines are filled with firm 7 to 8 ounce tomatoes. Excellent canning tomato with nice red color and mild flavor. Determinate vines.

#O1037 - BLACK SEA MAN 75 days - This unique tomato has a rich, complex flavor as well as unusual coloring. The beautiful, chocolate-brown skin hides the delightful red and green middle. The 6-8 ounce potato-leafed fruits grow on short, compact vines. Determinate vines.
PKT. - 20 seeds - $2.50 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

#O1039 - COSMONAUT VOLKOV 72 days - After seeing these beauties at a local tomato festival, we knew we had to learn more about them. The juicy red, luscious 8-10 fruits are perfectly shaped, and grow on short vines that remain healthy and vigorous when others have shut down. Named after the Russian cosmonaut, this variety will consistently produce a bumper crop of fruits with a rich, tomato flavor, even with areas with a shorter growing season. Determinate vines.
PKT. - 20 seeds - $2.50 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

#1030 - CZECH’S BUSH 70 days – A Czechoslovakian heirloom from the Ben Quisenberry collection. This stocky, rugose leafed plant delivers high yields of 6 ounce, juicy red fruits with great taste. Determinate vines.
PKT. – 20 seeds - $1.50

#161 - FIRST PICK 60 days - A French variety popular for generations in the Baptiste family of Reims, France. The fruits are deep red, globe shaped and weigh 4 to 5 ounces each. This plant sets fruit in cool weather, providing tasty tomatoes sooner than other “early” varieties! Also does well as a fall crop, setting fruit in the cooler night temperatures. Exceptional flavor for an early tomato! First introduced in the United States by Heirloom Seeds. Determinate vines.
PKT. - 20 seeds - $1.50

#162 – GREEN ZEBRA 78 days – Very unusual variety! The ripe fruits are bright green with light green stripes. The 2-4 ounce fruits have a delicious,“real tomato” flavor. Very vigorous determinate vines.
PKT. – 20 seeds - $1.50
#O162 - PKT. – 20 seeds - $2.50 - CERTIFIED ORGANIC