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mitochondrial DNA

are the "finger prints" used to map our origins from mother to mother. "That is, all people alive today can trace some of their genetic heritage through their mothers back to this one woman in Africa."
This link may help

Star dust is everything the universe is made up of. The building blocks of life derived from star dust eg. comets contain organic material such as amino acids which are the building blocks of protein.

What I can gather about human color or pigmentation evolves based on location; bio-geo-climatic stuff. What I also understand is that if you took a white person and placed them in a hot, humid location of africa, 20 thousand years of generations and there pigmentation would change to deep brown and vise-versa. note: So that should eliminate racism.

The landing spot (I'm to assume aliens from other planets right?) therory doesn't work for me just yet. Because on any given clear night around the planet thousands of astronomers are looking to study the stars and galaxies. 99.9 % of astronomers don't believe in Alien visitors and they're our eyes of the night skies.

Oh and one more thing. The Elite Empire is hanging it's hat all over the planet to protect it's dollar and not to be present of "landing sites" .
If you're looking to change your US Oil dollars to the Euro dollar, a butt kicking is in place to convince you to change your mind by the Elite Empire. Saddam was in the process of changing his US oil dollars to the Euro in 2000, It has now been converted back since the occupation. Iran has changed and Venezuela either has or is in the process of changing to the Euro. The Empire is knocking on doorsteps ready to kick butt with both these countries.
My opinion, like a belly button, we all have one.