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depends who is asking

I guess I`m suggesting profiling.I rode a Greyhound bus from the DC suburbs to Greenville SC for the rally (2weeks?)ago.I was sporting my Ron Paul 100% constitutional T-shirt.A student from Clemson with dreadlocks asked "who is..."I said "he will end the war on drugs".A redneck asked me "who is...",I said "the only republican that can keep Hillary Clinton out of the Whitehouse for the next 8 yrs"....I am a redneck,i don`t have the art of persuasion thing perfected yet.I know that blue collar workers like me made more money 15 yrs ago than we do now.Ron Paul is the only one that will stop diluting the labor force with illegal foreign workers.Then i explain how cutting off food stamps,free medical,education,to illegal aliens will result in them just going home, fences or mass deportations i said,depends on who is asking

walter whitt