Comment: Ditto, imitation

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Ditto, imitation

I noticed that too. Ron Paul is the "Hope for America" but now Tancredo wants to bring hope to the presidency and I think Giuliani was the other one that answered hope when asked what they would bring to the presidency.
Now Romney is a student of history by mentioning Teddy Roosevelt as a key influence on him. The extent of his knowledge is probably 'speak softly but carry a big stick' while Dr Paul has an in-depth knowlede of history.
Also Huckabee I believe it was went on about free markets.
I'm with you. I wasn't taking notes but it seemed there was a stealth stealing of Dr Paul's platform which they could pull off since Dr Paul had so little time to speak.
ps I don't remember when, maybe the NH debate, when Giuliani spoke of trading with VietNam now. Maybe he did do his reading assignment.