Comment: Stay in the safe haven of the Constitution

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Stay in the safe haven of the Constitution

I thought her interview of Ron Paul was well done, and yes, she was well mannered. Not a jerk like Cavuto and Sean Hannity. Her questions exposed to me a possible emerging strategy of the MSM:

If they can't ignore him, try to hang him with left-field issues: 9/11 conspiracy, marijuana, etc. Notice that no one ever debates or questions him on Fed issues? They would lose that one. Ron handled the questions brilliantly.

My strategy: ALWAYS defer to what the Constitution states. It is a safe haven for Ron Paul on the national front, and it is a safe haven for each Ron Paul supporter when you are discussing Ron Paul with others. The Constituion has been debated for well over 200 years.

I wish, wish that we could have a debate where each candidate would have to match the Amendment number with the Amendment, write out their answers and then have the papers graded on national TV. No question who would win.