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More time?

But that would be like letting the only MD on stage answer the health care question! We can't have THAT!

Clearly, Alex Jones exists, and says strange things (disclaimer: I've never listened to Mr. Jones AFAIK) and Dr. Paul has had the temerity to go on Alex's radio show and speak, instead of exclusively being interviewed by Fox News. Obviously, smearing a Presidential campaign by association with others' wild beliefs is way-more-important than, say, asking the only Doctor in the debate anything about health care! Can't you see?? What would a successful-for-decades Doctor know about health care??? And of course the news media aren't biased against Dr. Paul, that's nonsense! ;)

BTW, My sincere and non-sarcastic thanks to whoever it was who told me to go watch the Napolitano video. all 4 parts rock as a remedial constitutional law lesson for all political types.