Comment: Ron Paul book on McCain forum

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Ron Paul book on McCain forum

Hello Everyone-
I was on the John McCain forum and they are nuts and evil. Pure Evil. They were threatening me and all of us actually. I was going back and forth with one and his father died at a concentration camp and he has the audicity to say we should be in the FEMA camps and they're out looking for us and will report us when the time is right. They're pro-NWO. They want to nuke the middle east and had the nerve to say I hated America. My name on there was Goldie80. I got to them. I think they banned me. They want his book banned but they also want Ron Paul to support McCain so we will- um no. big suprise. I know most of this news of their evilness is not new to anyone hear, anyway I know it might be a waste of time but I think that forum needs a Ron Paul smackdown. I just went there with the intent to see what they were saying and felt compeled to reply. Sorry.