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testing shrimp

Right now, the vast majority of people in the USA would expect the Feds to do it, but wouldn't you agree that imported shrimp from foreign places where imported pet food has recently caused a lot of DEATH should maybe be tested by SOMEONE? As a libertarian, I'd of course prefer it to be something like Consumer's Union or Underwriter's Labs instead of my taxes doing it, but that's not likely to happen soon -- especially in an opinion-environment with a widespread expectation of "free" federal competition.

Also, with GPS private property solutions to seagrass and shrimp conservation suddenly become possible and with the proper advocates the face of ocean-conservation could change drastically. Years of randomly-dragging trawls across the bottom-commons, which in the absence of private property rights enforcement has suffered, naturally. I'm pretty sure the government wouldn't want to study this because it would work and it's against more than a few agendas for capitalism to "work" for the environment, but testing hypercheap foreign shrimp for immense levels of antibiotic drugs isn't exactly on the outrage-level of a bridge to nowhere...