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A Briefer Explanation

The earmark story is a hit piece on RP that is all over the MSM. I would address this story differently. The MSM should be asking who voted for budgets padded with slush funds instead of why Ron Paul tried to salvage some of his constituents taxes otherwise headed elsewhere.

Ron Paul has been very clear that as long as we have a welfare/warfare state, it will be impossible to eliminate the IRS. Ron Paul would like to end earmarks, a foreign military presence, the Department of Education (DOE), the IRS, OPIC, and other agencies. Doing so would reduce our national debt and our federal taxes. Until that day comes, we all will continue to pay taxes and accrue a collective national debt. Also, until then, many of these agencies and programs redistribute some of our tax money.

Although Ron Paul votes against budgets containing earmarks, surviving budgets contain slush funds for earmarks. Ron Paul's congressional district receives its proportion of these funds just as it receives its proportion of funding from the DOE, the Weather Bureau, and everything else. Ron Paul has to submit a list of earmarks for his district just as school districts have to submit paperwork to the DOE to receive back a partial share of absconded tax money.