Comment: No more excuses

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No more excuses

Can I get a few people here to agree, with the rest of the thinking population, that earmarks are part of the corrupt machinery of government?

This system is designed to make everyone tap into the largess and expect their congressman to help with it. It is designed to keep people with integrity out of politics.

This is a test of our credibility. Forget Dr Paul for a minute and consider whether the whole thing is Constitutionally right or wrong, then advocate the right principle. Consider what RP would do, if I understand his way of dealing with all sorts of quagmires that the current system puts us into.

This system can only be reformed in one of two ways. By overthrow, which is not where sane people are at this point. Or by working within the system. The question is then what alternatives a liberty-minded congressman has in dealing with his constituents clamoring for carve-outs and hand-outs, while still promoting the ideas of liberty from within the government.

RP's answer seems to be (if my understanding is correct) "Since I am to represent you, I will forward your requests for pork, but I will not vote for the bills when they come up". I don't like the compromise, but I admit that it is difficult to imagine another way to deal with the distorted conflicts that arise from having the power to redistribute wealth, while still promoting liberty through legislation.

Earmarks are a way of ensuring that no politician is left with any choice, if he doesn't want the flood of spending to become a one-way conduit out of his district and into the rest of the country.

This matter will not go away, and RP needs to have the principles and the story crystal clear when it comes up in debate. I can assure you, it will.

Go, RP.