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Thanks for that.

My own belief is that, whether it's Obama, Clinton or McCain - it will be four more years of the same big government obfuscation. The Revolution will only grow larger and more vocal as more sheeple wake up and recognize what is happening around them.

And Ron Paul will still be here, backed by a slate of RP candidates.

What's great about the national conventions is not seeing who will be nominated this year, but who will be in a leadership position 4 years from now. Think Reagan; Obama (for entirely different reasons in my opinion). It's clear to me now that the current powers-that-be in the GOP do NOT want RP to have podium time in Minneapolis for that very reason and will do whatever they can to suppress him, but the message is more powerful than they know and will carry the day.

What's great about RP is that he does NOT compromise on principal. Leave the back door deals at home, folks.