Comment: Britain is undergoing a crime explosion at the moment.

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Britain is undergoing a crime explosion at the moment.

These days it is pretty rare for anyone to actually see a police officer on duty in England. They have been largely replaced by civilian "Police Community Support Officers" who have no more powers of arrest than any member of the public!

If you report any serious crime in England, like Murder, Rape, Robbery, Burglary, etc. you have two chances of getting the police to do anything about it. Slim and none.

However, if you are a little old lady who drops litter in the street you had better watch out. Same goes for motorists who have out-of-date tax discs. You get the picture right?

The British police are very reluctant to investigate serious crime, but fall over themselves to tackle the trivial offences. The reason for this?

The current system of government targets. Murder means mucho paperwork! It only counts as "one case". Same as jay walking. Sound crazy? It is.

Notwithstanding the government's laughable statistics, today's Britain is a cesspool of crime.

Google "Yob Culture" and "Attacks on Fire Crews". This isn't msm propaganda. If anything, the msm is actually under-reporting the threat.

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