Comment: Willing and Billing

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Willing and Billing

Draw your own conclusions, but we are obviously being bankrupted by this war and the corruption surrounding it. It is no longer a matter of wanting to help out others, we must look at what it is really costing us, the U.S. Taxpayer. This is not even considering the extremely high cost of lives lost and those who are coming home maimed physically and emotionally for life...not to mention the high suicide rates reported from the military. I distinctly remember our President promising us a short and not expensive war (money from Iraqi oil revenue will pay for it). Now, we realize we went in based on false is 5 years later...and we're still there. McCain says "if it takes us 100 years." They are fighting now, if we walk away they will continue to fight. If we don't walk away, they will continue to fight. (Remember we did what we were sent in to do and that is remove WMD and remove Hussein), if we walk away, we are not losing, we already won. We have spent dramatically to assist the Iraqi nation have its first elections, rebuilding the country as we go...and now we are terribly debt-ridden. Our military as a fighting force of loyal Americans is brilliant and to be so admired....the leaders and defense department who manage their efforts are out of control and bringing our country down, imo.

Mexico, our shared open border, the drug war, and the infiltration of illegals and terrorists is perhaps the biggest threat to our sovereignty. Yet we have open borders and while we can be in 130 different countries spending massive amounts of money, the border fence is deemed too expensive. McCain's involvement with Mexico, La Raza, some of his advisors, his support of amnesty....really, it amazes me people would actively entertain voting for him, and that is only one bit of baggage he carries around.