Comment: Just my thoughts and Speculations. Hope I'm Wrong.

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Just my thoughts and Speculations. Hope I'm Wrong.

It seems that the powerful elite are almost finished milking the U.S. to grow their selfish NWO agenda. What will they do when they are finished with us? I think they are setting us up for a third world war where communist China and Communist Russia unite to defeat the new Hitler-Germany. They, Russia and/or China, will supposedly have just cause on the new preemptive war doctrine that we, the U.S., have established. The world will receive new propaganda that says America and Freedom = Evil, Communism = good. I hope enough freedom loving Americans have the foresight to prepare emotionally, mentally, temporally (food storage), and even spiritually to overcome the trials and be ready to establish a new free people (Heaven help us)

Sorry for the pessimism, speculating is too easy. either way, there seems to be a rough ride on the horizon and it would be wise to prepare to the fullest then pray we can restore the republic through peaceful means.

“I’m fully diversified. I’ve got some under the mattress, some under the floor boards, some in the backyard.”